lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

Thank you very much for joining By the face hunt. For those who arrive at the end of the hunt there is a small present from By the face Group. If you want to join our group click here: secondlife:///app/group/bce1a3eb-0ec1-ffdc-cd2f-ec3d8a537f41/about

Sorry for the inconvenience....

#9...Blanche's Boutique moved to the following place:
#10... Cero style moved to the following place:
#24...No longer exists. Following place is ROIACT :

By the face hunt hints:

1. Sewing I lost a button ;)
2. Buttons love the girls
3. It's time to close the suitcase
4. Good things don’t come to those who keep their head down
5. At the beginning of log
6. That which is tribal . . .
7. Hands!
8. You are in so much Trouble to find this hunt item...  :-)
9. I like the smell of flowers
10. I am swinging with this beatifull lady!!
11. Close of frame
12. Lucky... but only one out of many
13. Dust it out once in a while!
14. Look but you can see, what dangles from your  neck to show the world
15. One "Big Happy Family"
16. There's always something black and white
17. THese boots where made for walking
18. Leopard(Wild)
19. Do you like bavarian dresses?
20. I am not over but under :D~!
21. Climb up
22. Up the beautiful stairs you will find far from ordinary and very divine. Walk to the next room and the button is yours.
23. Look, somebody throws knobs in the fountain
24. A Casual Jean Dress
25. The BUILDER put me behind the FRIDGE
26. Find the dove.
27. Find "Fulya Series" Vendor
28. Hiding at the light
29. Resting could help you find the prize
30. Thinking of you...
31. Please see the red wall
32. The cat does his best to keep the column (Clothes Section)
33. Midnight Mania prizes are cool
34. Like to be under the spotlight....
35. Find the hunt object; it is located in the shop